Directors Board

Interhunter Atelier in Recruitment and Selection

In the market for 15 years, we are the first Consultancy in Recruitment and Selection operating throughout Brazil and specializing in the areas: Sales, Marketing and Trade Marketing for all sales channels.

We have a team of specialized and trained professionals to attract candidates who adhere to the technical and behavioral peculiarities of the profile requested by our clients.

Our board is composed of: Glaucia Benvegnú, Joanna Rocha, Andreia Regina Crema Lacerda, Carlos Lacerda and Adriano Lacerda. Professionals with extensive experience in the business market, trained and qualified to offer the necessary consultancy to companies seeking quality and assertiveness in hiring.


Relationship and Marketing Director

Graduate and Post Graduate in Business Administration.

Experience in Consulting and Corporate with ability to serve companies, supporting strategic decision making to attract talent.

Specialist in search and attraction of executives and professionals in the areas of Information Technology, Information Security, Software, Systems Architecture, Analytics, Data Scientists, Statisticians, Sales and new professions.

She is responsible for managing the client portfolio, suggesting customized solutions to achieve HR indicators.

Develops online and offline marketing and communication actions to promote Interhunter.


Director of Operations

Graduated in Business Administration with extension in Human Resources.

Experience in organizational consulting supporting the development of projects.

She is specialized in recruiting and selecting professionals for the following areas: sales, marketing, trade marketing, administration, finance and logistics for the consumer goods industry.

She leads the selection team and supports the selection processes for senior management throughout Brazil.


Administrative and Financial Director

Graduated in Advertising with Master in Marketing.

Career developed in marketing in multinational companies, personnel management and entrepreneurship.

Responsible for opening the market and introducing new products in various channels. She was at the forefront of event management, consumer promotions and corporate communications.

Currently, she is responsible for doing all the fundamental behind-the-scenes work in our administrative and finance department for the 3 companies in our group.



Graduated in Business Administration and Business Management. He developed his career in renowned consumer goods companies, starting as a Salesman and ending the corporate cycle as Commercial Director. He resided in more than 8 cities in Brazil in his various challenges.

He structured and led teams in the commercial and marketing areas. Trajectory marked by significant results: launch of products, increase in revenue and market share, application of the first category management, reorganization of teams in the various distribution channels throughout Brazil.

As a businessman, he founded BUSINESS CONSULT, the first consultancy in the reorganization of commercial teams for consumer goods companies.

After 11 years, on November 23, 2007, aiming at business innovation and stimulated by customers and market demand, he founded INTERHUNTER.


Executive Director

Graduated in Advertising with Master in Marketing, career developed in marketing and product innovation. Experience in B2B and B2C marketing in multinational companies.

Responsible for market research and development of new products for different customer profiles. Identification of opportunities based on interaction with customers, suppliers and consumers, in addition to maintaining close relationships with customers. Development of strategies to increase consumption, market share and profitability in the areas of products, channel marketing and consumer promotions.

Represented these companies in several national and international congresses.

He recently joined the Interhunter group in order to bring a more strategic approach to the business along with a quest for excellence in the administration and dealing with clients, employees and candidates.

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